Exploring the impacts Climate Change is having on our world, Subject to Change is a collection of interviews and personal stories from across the Pacific in the form of a documentary film. The film both provides an insight into the New Zealand response to the global objectives set by the Paris Agreement, and shares the intimate true stories from Batiki Island, on the frontline, in a truthful and evocative way.

Climate change affects us all, but it does not affect us all equally. Particularly in the Pacific, people are continually devastated by weather events and sea level rise, unable to recuperate their losses. Our film aims to inform and inspire our audience to engage with environmental issues, whilst giving the voices from the frontlines of climate change a platform to share their truth.

Subject to Change was created by a small team of university students from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, with the support of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Filmed across New Zealand and Fiji, Subject to Change is a compelling and informative piece that explores the science behind climate change, personal stories from the small Fijian island of Batiki, and hope for the future through New Zealand politicians.


DIRECTOR Wiktoria Ojrzynska
PRODUCER Amiria Ranfurly
CINEMATOGRAPHER by Alexandra Brock
EDITOR Nicholas Cook
COMPOSER Connor Taumoepeau
ANIMATOR James Bruce


Hon. Aupito William Sio (Minister for Pacific Peoples, New Zealand)
Hon. James Shaw (Minister for Climate Change, New Zealand)
Prof. Ralph Sims (Massey University, New Zealand)
Prof. James Renwick (Victoria University, New Zealand)
Kesa Tabunakawai (World Wildlife Fund Pacific, Fiji)
Dr. Morgan Wairiu (Pacific Centre for Environment & Sustainable Development, Fiji)
Dr. Helene Jacot Des Combes (Pacific Centre for Environment & Sustainable Development, Fiji)
Tomici Ravaga (Batiki, Fiji)
Alanieta Ravaga (Batiki, Fiji)
Lusiana Rasalasea (Batiki, Fiji)
Tobia Koroikarawa (Batiki, Fiji)
Tevita Suraki (Batiki, Fiji)
Elenoa Lewakimi Suraki (Batiki, Fiji)
Panapasa Delaigaunavou (Fiji)
Jodi Smith (The Earth Care Agency, Fiji)
Jo Tyndall (Climate Change Ambassador, New Zealand)
Guy Waipara (Meridian Energy, New Zealand)
Craige Mackenzie (Precision Agriculture, New Zealand)
Taputu Raea (Victoria University, New Zealand)